UTK  Aviation Institute is operated under supervision of the Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep. It is established in order to have an aircraft instruction and learning promoted and developed to meet an international standard as well as to leverage the country's aviation knowledge. Meanwhile, it can fulfill demand for workforce in aviation industry occurred both within the country and the Asia region. It is well known that Asia-Pacific region will become a biggest global market where passengers will be travelling to and from by airplanes. People from over the world will be visiting countries in Asia for sightseeing and for running  business and it will cause abundant growth to industries that are relevant to aircraft. Moreover, aviation industry is deemed as one of the future industries of Thailand; therefore, Thailand shall expedite preparedness in various aspects in order to become the center of aviation industry.
At present, in collaboration with the AERO-Bildungs GmbH, Germany and the Thai Aviation Industries Co.,Ltd. (TAI) , UTK Aviation Institute has established an Aircraft Maintenance Center in accordance to EASA Part 147 standard to provide an aircraft maintenance course which complies to EASA Part 66 ( CAT B1.1 and CAT B2)  

This aircraft maintenance course is an international training course that thoroughly conducted in English whereby its curriculum is stipulated by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Graduates will be granted certificate which can be applied for career and further carried out to be professional license for such EASA accordingly.      

The aircraft maintenance course in accordance to the EASA standard provides training for 17 Modules which takes approximately 18 – 24 months to accomplish.

Student's qualifications:

     1) Senior high school graduate or vocational education graduate in Industrial Technicians or higher.
   2) Aircraft maintenance technicians or professionals in aircraft field who would like to leverage knowledge and capabilities in international aircraft maintenance standard (EASA).

      For more information, please visit : http://www.aviation.rmutk.ac.th/